The company’s management and employees are former members of counter-terrorism unit “Alpha” and have been engaged in providing security guard services since 2001. Limited liability company “KENNART” has a licence giving the right of conducting security guard services in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine No. 122 of February 19, 2018.
In our understanding of the guard services of an object, it may be summarized that they are organized to identify and apprehend trespassers as well as ensure protection of valuables including prevention of their possible damage.
The security guarding of an object requires the completion of the following tasks: Also, a thorough examination of an object is conducted in order to discover its most vulnerable entering places for offenders and the most important spots to watch over, as well as to assess the value and significance of property.
Once the examination is completed, our specialists draw up a statement with the conclusions.
The main functions our guards perform are as such: The reliability of our security guard services is ensured by professionally built security system, its organization, and watchful guard duty.
When you order our security guard services, our specialists contact with the field immediately coming to an object to identify: And only after this, the conditions are determined, e.g. material responsibility, contract amount, terms and due date for payments, the category of guards and their uniform etc. But there is always one fundamental, according to which you choose by yourself the standard of security guard services depending on the contract amount.
P.S. We have clients who have worked with us since 2003. Trust is the core thing.

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